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Autism Community

A community for people affected by autism

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A community for those affected by autism spectrum disorders
This is a community for anyone who has been affected by autism. Discussion is welcomed and may become heated. Insults and trolling are not tolerated.

In other words, play nicely. :)

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact the moderator.

Since our numbers are so much larger now, it's time for a more specific set of posting rules. They boil down to two things:

1) Post about autism
2) Don't be a jerk.

As always, you may reach me with questions or concerns at toastytravesty [at] gmail.com.

A more detailed version of the rules is behind the cut below. Everyone must read it before posting (even long-term members should familiarize themselves with them, as there are a few changes.)

* Every post must concern autism directly. Off-topic conversations should be taken to email or personal journals.

* Post without using fonts of different types, colors and/or sizes. This makes your post much easier to read.

* Post all pictures and/or videos behind a cut. Include a brief description outside of the cut.

* If your post is long enough that people will need to scroll to read all of it, put most of it behind a cut.

* Keep in mind that we have some young members, so be sure subject matter and language are appropriate for everyone.

* As of now, introduction posts without other content (i.e. questions or discussion topics) should go HERE.

* Advertising is not permitted. Fundraising is permitted under the following circumstances: you may post to the community one time with a link to your own journal and explain that you are raising money for [x] autism-related charity.

* There is a large range of opinions represented here, and discussions may become heated. Trolling, insults, harrassing and/or bullying are not permitted and may result in banning.

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